PHP World - The First Concepts

Using mature PHP or a particular programming language, the first step you should remember and distinguish between the terms / concepts most basic commonly used in relation to the language itself or enforcement platform of that language. PHP also has a list of terms (simple but easy to ignore as):

PHP: PHP Hypertext Preprocesser or Personal Home Page. Both of concepts are true and both relate to a friendly & powerful script-programming languageRead more

LAMP: is a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This is said to be common platform and the most efficient execution of programs written in PHP. With Linux Kernel OS (Ubuntu, RedHad, CentOS ...), Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP (of course). Read more

PhpMyAdmin: is a program use open source to manage and execute MySQL database, run on web-based, ligthweight, fast. Read more

MySQL: relation database open source. Extremely strong and flexible, is used in most of the projects written in PHP and is present in most economic sectors as a data safety cabinet. Read more

IDE: Intergrated Development Environment. Most of us have used at least a certain IDE to write code. Some popular IDE include: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Netbeans, Zend Studio. 

PDT & Eclipse: PDT is a plugin supports writing PHP code is integrated directly into eclipse. Free and open source, it is believed the popular choice and most affordable for PHP programmers. 

serverside-code: code have been compile and run in server. PHP is one of the programming language on server side. 

clientside-code: often written in JavaScript / VBScript, centralized processing operations on the browser without submitting the request to the server.

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