Getting Started with Bootstrap (Part 2)

Bootstrap Container class
<div class="container">... </div>
  • Container for all the content of the site
  • Fixed width (width depends on screen size)
  • Use as the outermost div to wrap all the site content for the grid to work correctly
  • .container-fluid class allows full width container
Bootstrap Rows
<div class="row"> ... </div>
  • Divide the page into multiple rows
  • Rows act as horizontal grouping for columns
  • Rows must be inside containers
<div class="jumbotron">...</div>
  • Lightweight, flexible component for showcasing key content, e.g., company name, logo and key information.
  • Can be used outside a container to span the entire screen width
    • Use a container inside if you wish to contain the content within a fixed width

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